From Homeless to Hope: Mary finds her voice and receives a HUGE blessing

From Homeless to Hope

In December of 2017 when WVON 1690AM hosted a live broadcast at our shelter, we introduced all of our supporters and the city of Chicago to our resident, Mary. Mary, a mother of 3, found herself in need of interim housing after parting ways with her husband, losing her job, and not being able to maintain the rent. In a fight to reclaim her voice and her life, she reluctantly agreed to share her story. 

Mary shared about the neglect and abuse she had endured from her husband and how she felt broken in her own home. She went on to talk about the tenacity and grit of her children and how academically driven they are. Her oldest son Matthew is just months away from obtaining his GED, and will soon after begin his post-secondary education at Malcolm X College. Mary desperately wants to help elevate her family to a more stable position and wants her children to be able to focus on being children instead of worrying about where they will sleep or where their next meal will come from. 

Mary is a woman, just like any of you, like our mothers, our aunts, and our sisters. She just wants to be able to have a roof over her children's heads and provide them with the necessities of life. A licensed CNA and with experience in home health care, she has been searching for employment for months with no luck. If anything, Mary just needs a win. Something that can help to advance her and her family on a path out of their current situation. Little did she know, this moment in her life was about to change because of her courage to speak. She refused to allow her shame to prevent her from getting the help that she so desperately needed. 

Since appearing on the radio show, a very generous individual has come forward and offered to provide Mary and her children with an apartment, rent-free, for the next 10 months. As you could imagine, Mary was very ecstatic, as this was a dream that she didn't even think was possible

We all rejoiced at this news because this is our "why" for existing. Our mission is to repair lost hope, to foster justice, build bridges of reconciliation, and do it all with the love of Christ.

The picture above was taken of Mary and her family along with our Executive Director Tim just last week after she received keys to her new apartment. It was such a blessing to have Mary in our community and we are proud to see her move on to the next phase of her life. She has inspired us all. This is a great win, but the battle is not yet over. Mary is still in need of employment to help support her family, to buy food, clothing, and other necessities. If you can help or can point us to resources of employment, please reach out to our office. Together, we can really help Mary and her family get off to a great start in their new home.