Pursuing God's Standards w/ the Ritz Carlton

For 2018, we're doing things a bit different. We want to pursue God's standards for caring for his people and approach the way we serve his people in a concierge manner. To reach this higher level of service we need your help. The Ritz Carlton is hosting an immersive learning experience called "Service Excellence.

This week long learning experience takes place in late January, and we need to be there. We believe that there in great value in being a part of this experience. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Companys' motto has no mention of God, but they provide services with God-like standards. Just imagine the difference this could make in our community. Instead of merely speaking about God's love, we can show through how we serve - just how amazing God's love is.

Will you help us with a donation so that we can learn, grow and serve to God's standards? Consider making a donation of $5, $25, or $100 or more.


View our full campaign and donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/elevategnp