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New Ministry Launches from Good News Partners

    Affordable housing organization, Good News Partners, with 40 years history in the north of Howard neighborhood, has incubated several off-shoot organizations.  This violence prevention        program (C24/7), only 4 years old, is growing and changing the neighborhood.

   Good News Partners welcomes a new non-profit to the neighborhood.  In April, C24/7 (Christ, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), previously a GNP program, enters a new phase in ministry.    C24/7 Director, James Crockett and his wife, Natalie, are launching their own 501 (c)(3) organization. Their ministry will be independent of Good News Partners, but they will continue their  programs in and with the North of Howard community. 

  GNP congratulates the Crocketts on the expansion of this great ministry.  GNP incubated C24/7 over the last four years, providing administrative and financial support, resources, and  mentoring. C24/7 now joins the list of ministries, such as Family Matters and Starfish Learning Center, who have emerged from GNP as a part of GNP’s mission to be an asset-based  community development organization.  

C24/7 began with a neighborhood Bible study for men involved in gangs and drug dealing.  With three men attending the first night, the study grew to a steady 25+ men every Sunday evening.  Later, an after school program for boys ages 5-12 began to meet three times a week, a basketball open gym, and a Women’s Bible Study were added.  The C24/7 program now reaches 100 children, teens and their families each year. 

GNP’s Executive Director of Programs, Karen Mosby remarked, “Our prayers go with the Crocketts. GNP stands with them as partners in ministry in the North of Howard community. We pray that they will have continued success in effectively reaching children, youth, families, and at-risk men in this neighborhood.”  




Merry Christmas From GNP

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year from Good News Partners’ Board of Directors, Staff, and Resident Partners!

As you make your end of year gifts, please consider giving to Good News Partners.  Our mission is to end homeless and hopelessness to all God brings to us, to foster justice and to build bridges of reconciliation.  This is a tremendous undertaking and we know only God can bring it to fruition.  

-  We have seen God at work in our midst as three rehab companies have partnered with GNP to offer construction jobs to Chaz, Collins, and Raphael.  And as many more residents have found employment in other sectors.   

-  We have seen God at work in our midst as a gift of a 3-flat apartment building was donated to GNP -- more affordable housing that is so desperately needed.

-  We have seen God work as a woman and her children from GNP’s New Life Interim Housing were featured on a news report and, as a result, donors came forward to supply her with housing and furniture.  

-  We have seen God at work in our midst as people who are suffering from illness, physical and mental, are supported, cared for and loved by the GNP community.

Good News Partners 40th Anniversary year is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the journey, and to ask you to join us in creating new beginnings for the years to come.

Giving online is quick, safe and easy.  Or feel free to mail us a check at Good News Partners, 1600 W. Jonquil Terrace, Chicago, IL 60626.  

Questions?  Call Jan at (773) 764-4998.

Annual Dinner 2015

Joy, praise, laughter, and $32,000 were raised at the 40th Anniversary Celebration on Oct. 9th.
Thanks to all who attended!





Announcing New Leadership Team

Good News Partners is pleased to announce the new Executive Leadership Team, (l-r), Karen Mosby, Executive Director of Programs, Marcos Ramirez, Executive Director of Housing, and Jan Hubbard, Executive Director of Development. In this model, each leader brings specific expertise and gifts. Each will take the lead in their specific areas but the overall decision making will be a team decision. Bud Ogle will remain part of the Leadership Team for a time of training and mentoring and then continue as a GNP Board Member, fundraiser, and community pastor. We are excited about the opportunituties that come with this new style of leadership. 

Celebrating the Journey and Creating New Beginnings

How GNP’s New Years’ Resolutions May Be Like Some of Yours

In 2016, GNP is resolving to:

#1 Diet.

             We are focusing on a  healthy diet of maintaining affordable housing in the North of Howard area,  cutting down on expenses that do not provide sustainable energy,  including healthy portions of education for residents, and adding higher quantities of assistance from supportive agencies in the Chicago area.  ​

#2 Exercise

Living into the mission of Good News Partners, we have renewed commitment to affordable housing, reclaiming the vision of self-sufficiency and pledging to support residents in that goal.  Every day we will exercise our faith, strengthen our partners, and bild up our residents toward our vision.

#3 Work the plan.

For 40 years our mission has been to end homelessness and hopelessness with every one God brings to us,  to foster justice and to build bridges of reconciliation.  We are renewing this vision to carry us into the future.  The vision forward is to focus on financial health, to draw more people who share the vision to join the Board of Directors, and to include an Ambassador Board to help by letting more people know about  the mission of GNP.

We are committed to a healthy future!  Join us to end homelessness and hopelessness with everyone God brings to us; to foster justice, and to build bridges of reconciliation.

Executive Directors,

Jan Hubbard, Karen Mosby, Marcos Ramirez

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Annual Report

This year our Annual Report centers around justice.  What does justice mean to you?  Does it mean to get what you deserve?  Jesus seems to view justice differently.  Please click here to read our Annual Report.  Thank you for your support.