Marvelous Works w/ Alvin Nater-Prats

Alvin Nater-Prats is a native of Puerto Rico and came to America with his family just a few months ago, in late August. Alvin is the  salesman who was assigned to our account during our quest to provide our maintenance team with new uniforms. During this time, we had the opportunity to learn about Alvin and his story was so inspiring, that we wanted to share it with our supporters. If you ask Alvin, he'd say that the timing of their move was a blessing from God.

Life at the Jonquil Hotel w/ Jim Groark

The Jonquil Hotel is not just a single room occupancy residence — it’s one big family. In this caring, chaotic, energetic, loud and loving community you’ll find people like Jim. Jim is a Chicago native who first came to the Jonquil Hotel 15 years ago, and has lived there ever since. After the passing of his mother, he was seeking a new environment to regroup and start anew. Jim was drawn to Good News Partners because he felt that the foundational mission of the organization was aligned with his own beliefs and values.