2018 Donor Impact Report

you gave hope to families in transition

Kanyetta, 43, walked into our doors with tears in her eyes and four children in August of 2018. After spending months at a time living in hotels and jumping from couch to couch, arriving at our shelter was her breaking point. Her last hope. Through our commitment of helping families and mothers end the cycle of instability, we helped Kanyetta to establish goals to build a better life, develop a savings plan, provided her with access to job training through our UR Chicago program, and tools for a more stable future. Kanyetta now has a job that enables her to provide for her children, and is steps away from a new family home.

our collective impact: desirable, dignified housing

We believe that everyone should have a home at a price they can afford. With your help, our commitment is to create a solid anchor and to prevent the total displacement of low-income individuals and families.

Since we’ve been here, we no longer feel alone. They treat my family, like we are their family. I've never felt that type of love, even from my own mother. I know that I am here for a reason, and I can only go up from here. - Kanyetta


“After going through the program, I now have keys to my new apartment".”

your investment in action 2018

  • Increased the number of families we're housing by 15%.

  • Housed 88 families in our New Life Shelter (103 adults, 287 children, 390 people all together).

  • Provided 10,277 beds and 16,227 meals.

  • Launched Life Skills for Dessert, a workshop series to help residents to see their future selves.

  • Helped formerly homeless individuals save over $6,000.

  • Engaged 200 volunteers through one-time and ongoing services.

  • Helped 181 children and adults receive holiday gifts through our Christmas Market.

our 2019 resolutions

  • Create a more inspirational environment at New Life Interim Housing.

  • Increase case management at the Jonquil Hotel, helping more of its residents see their future selves.

  • Improve our internal processes so that every resident receives concierge level service during their stay at Good News Partners.

  • Engage more volunteers and partners in our daily work to impact housing in Chicago.