Meet Ivo & Nildes

Ivos Family GNP (36).jpg
I’m just grateful that I’m able to provide a stable home for my family.

This family is the perfect example of our commitment to provide desirable and dignified housing - because that’s what we all deserve.

Ivo and Nildes have been married for over 20 years and came to Chicago from Brazil 19 years ago. They have lived in their home now for 14 years. Their neighbors are from Cuba and Mexico and in the summer they share meals over backyard barbecues.

Ivo did not speak English when he arrived but began learning construction and renovation on homes with GNP. He now works for Good News Partners, renovating and maintaining other affordable housing properties.

Like most parents, Ivo and Nildes are very proud to be raising two teenagers who are ambitious and creative. Their son has been excelling in band for the last three years and their daughter is heavily involved in sports and was just voted ‘queen’ at her last school dance.