Nancy Jonquil Hotel at Good News Partners

“In order to gain something, you have to let go of it. You cannot receive with it clenched fists. Through my journey, I learned about how not to panic. I learned not to force things. I learned to take a step back and let life play out. I learned that mastery is not about doing things perfectly, but about recognizing what is going wrong and being able to sit back and understand we do not see the whole picture - but God sees everything. I learned to be still and trust God.”

Finding herself in need of stability and a fresh start after the death of her husband and losing everything, Nancy looked at many SRO’s, but found The Jonquil to be the most like paradise.

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“Here, I feel safe, because where I was living before - was not safe.”

“I was struggling to make ends meet because I lost hours at my job. Karen, the Resident Property Manager, allowed me to work as a resident ambassador so that I can afford to stay here, I am so thankful.” Nancy now works at the Jonquil a few days a week and at a Whole Foods where she loves to do meal prep demonstrations and help teach people how to eat healthy on a budget. “I began to develop my gifts because I was put into the pressure cooker, life was squeezing my gifts out of me.”

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“All things are possible with God.”